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Sydney Opera House 3D will bring Australia to your desktop
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One of the real wonders of the modern world is located in Australia, the mysterious continent with a peculiar history, which is nowadays a great country to visit or live in. Sydney Opera House 3D will bring Australia to your desktop. This screensaver will take you straight down under, to Australia and one of its most important cities: Sydney. This city has a lot of attractions, landmarks and things to do. It has beautiful parks, interesting old places, and one of the world’s biggest attractions: The Sydney Opera House.

Since its construction, this building became a very special attraction for all kinds of people. Not only tourists, but architects, engineers, and everybody involved in the buildings business. Its innovative shape (some people call it “strange”) has captured the attention of every person that has visited it. Even those that have only seen it in photographs.

This screensaver is not a collection of photos (for a moment I wished it had been). It’s a series of shots of the building rendered by a computer program. Not real photographs. The images are very realistic, however. You can really check out some views of this marvelous building, and will get a general idea of what it is.

Despite you can tell that they are not photos, they still are just beautiful, and you can even feel as if you were standing there, staring in awe. Probably some music or sound effects would have been a nice addition, but I still consider it as a nice piece to add to your screensaver collection.

Fernando Soni
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  • Great views of the Opera House
  • Very good images


  • Maybe real photos would have looked better
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